TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network 11870

In order to ensure that the overall quality of learning and assessment in South Africa is maintained at a consistently high level, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requires that all corporate learning departments be accredited by the relevant ETQA. TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network VENUE HIRE DURBAN: We are not in the hospitality industry, but we do make our venue available to the public when not in use. Plenty of parking available, on TAXI route and not far from Durban CBD area, WIFI provided with a 4MB line, 2…

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List of SETA’s

AGRISETA BANKSETA CETA (Construction SETA) CHIETA (Chemical Industries SETA) CATHSETA (Culture Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports SETA) ESETA (Energy and Water SETA) ETDPSETA (Education Training and Development Practices SETA) FPMSETA (Fibre, Processing & Manufacturing SETA) FOODBEV (Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA) FASSET SETA (Financial and Accounting Services SETA) HWSETA (Health and Welfare SETA) INSETA (Insurance SETA) LGSETA (Local Government SETA) MERSETA (Media, Advertising, Information and Communication Technologies SETA) MICTSETA (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA) MQSETA (Mining Qualifications Authority SETA) PSETA (Public Service SETA) SASSETA (Safety and Security SETA) SERVICES SETA TETA (Transport SETA) W&RSETA (Wholesale and Retail SETA)

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